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I am a freshman at UNCP. I love basketball, music, movies, and of course the South. I am a die hard tarheel fan. Tar Heels for life. Born a Tar Heel, gonna die a Tar Heel. I like to hang out with my friends, watch sports, and chill. One of my favorite shows is Crank Yankers. Sepcial Ed is hilarious. I am of course reppin the dirty south, North Cakilak. One of my favorite pro players in the world is Cynthia Cooper, of the Houston Comets. Home girl can ball. Of course every one loves MJ, Dr. J, Ice Man, Wilt the Stilt, Isaiah, Larry, and Magic. One of the most athletic ballers out there is VC. The man has crazy bunnies, and he is a product of UNC-Chapel Hill. Yes them Tar Heels. And let me tell yall something else, if you are looking at this page and you like duke, you might as well leave now. Cause I hate Duke. So just step. But any ways, that is all I have to say for now, I will update later. My Kind of Music
I like all kinds of music, but lately i am really into soul and R&B. I like the slow jams. I am really feeling the old school stuff too. I like luther, big ups to him on winning the Grammy, and hope he has a speady recovery. I like some of Earth Wind and Fire's stuff, bigs ups to them also on that sick grammy performace with Big Boi and George Clinton and the Parliment. I like Al Green, the Temptations, the Isley Brothers, and Barry White, RIP. But i also like the new school stuff too. I am feelin Alicia Keys, You Don't Know My Name, Wake Up, If I Ain't Got You, the whole Diary Of Alicia Keys Album is tight. I you don't have it, go get it. Trust it is worth it. Avant be doing his thing too, umm Beyonce` is doing it big with her solo album. She racked up at the Grammys on top of two stellar performances, one solo, and the other unforgettably with prince. Mya's new album MoodRing is one that i keep in rotation on my play list. Ludacris's Chicken N Beer is a good one too. Splash Waterfalls is tearin up the radio. Those are just a few of the things you will find in my cd player, or on my pc

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Mya - My Love is Like Whoa